17-18 Season Info

Bellingham Chamber Chorale 2017-2018

To all past, present and future BCC singers and our many supporters,

It is my great privilege to serve the BCC as 2017-2018 Interim Artistic Director. Thanks to the board of directors and all of you who are putting your faith in me. I hope that my efforts will prove worthy. After 36 years as a music teacher and director on four continents, I cannot imagine a higher calling than choral conducting. The BCC will be the finest choir I have ever stood before and I am eager for us to start creating meaningful, timely and inspiring concert programs together.

Aspects of BCC’s identity and tradition to which I am totally committed
The highest level of choral artistry and musical growth
Concern for vocal beauty and polished performance
Classic and cutting-edge repertoire including major works and new compositions
Development of our regional base with performances outside of Bellingham
Collaboration with a variety of local instrumental groups, choirs, and other performers
Support of youth education and outreach initiatives

Aspects I hope to promote
Nurturing the bond between singers and our sense of community within the choir
Invigorated vocal technique and expression in the context of sharing and encouragement
Tightly thematic concert programming
A uniquely Bellingham choral personality responsive to issues, time and space
New ways for everyone in the Chorale to build BCC name recognition, media access and audience
Musical exchanges, retreats, festivals and travel

We have three stunning programs lined up this year:

By the Light of the Stars on December 2
Between Heaven and Earth on March 3 & 4
Across the Sea on May 19

These programs flow together so well that they are almost cantatas, and they will further BCC’s unique and innovative choral personality at the center of the Salish Sea region. Details of each program may be found on the following three pages.

The threads of this year’s themes are woven throughout the lines of this poem,

“Out of the Stars,” by Robert Terry Weston:

Out of the stars, rising from rocks and the sea,
          kindled by sunlight on earth, arose life.
Ponder this thing in your heart, life up from sea:
          Eyes to behold, throats to sing, mates to love.
Life from the sea, warmed by sun, washed by rain,
          life from within, giving birth, rose to love.
This is the wonder of time; this is the marvel of space;
         out of the stars swung the earth; life upon earth rose to love.
This is the marvel of life, rising to see and to know;
         Out of your heart, cry wonder: sing that we live.

Humbly and respectfully yours,

Kevin Allen-Schmid, 8/17/17
BCC 2017-2018 Interim Artistic Director
kevin@bccsings.org (406) 858-0142

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