Singers Roster

Here is our fantastic 2016-2017 lineup of singers! All singers are auditioned and graciously volunteer their time. If you would like to audition to join the Bellingham Chamber Chorale, contact us!

  • Sopranos

    Aeyre Johnson

    Johanna Stromberg

    Teresa Lenssen

    Kaitlin Davis

    Krista Stromberg

    Phyllis Dolph

    Laura Shelton

    Emily Cupp

    Yuki Caldwell

    Hannah Geneser

    Carol Reed -Jones

    Jessica Cartwright

    Chris Galbraith

    Andrea Shupack

  • Altos

    Anneliese Floyd

    Kathleen Dean

    Kristen Blok

    Karen Fitzgerald

    Mary Jackson

    Katie Tully

    Darlys Savery

    Courtney Price

    Lesley Rigg

    Rachel Wulf

    Jayme Curley

    Wendy Bloom

    Debbie Brinson

    Betsy Senff

  • Tenors

    Joshua Husband

    McKenzie Clark

    Calm Qi

    Rico Romano

    Mitchell Prothero

    Connor Blok

    Spenser Stumpf

    Nathan Pasma

    Leith Swenson

    Tim Black

    Joseph Livesey

    Brian Myrick

  • Basses

    Choji Yamamoto

    David Vergin

    Kevin Maas

    Kevin Allen-Schmid

    Al Heezen

    Roger Clark

    Jerry Potter

    Matt Miller

    Norman Hale

  • Accompanist

    Kevin Allen-Schmid

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