Vision, Mission, Core Values


The Bellingham Chamber Chorale presents diverse, challenging and eclectic choral concerts to entertain and inspire our audiences and members; our passion is to bring world-class musical experiences to our Pacific Northwest community. We provide performance and mentorship opportunities for young musicians; we strive to be part of a firm foundation for local performing and developing artists. To this end, the Bellingham Chamber Chorale also frequently collaborates with other local artistic ensembles, and we also partner with local composers to debut new works.


The Bellingham Chamber Chorale touches lives through memorable, life-changing experiences and has an enduring impact on our members, audiences and communities across western Washington and the nation.

Core Values

Excellence – Through meticulous and disciplined musical preparation and annual evaluations, we strive to give performances of high-artistic quality and maintain the highest standards of the choral art.

Education and Learning – Performance training and basic arts management is a vital component of our members’ and the emerging musicians’ development. We are committed to expanding and providing mentorship opportunities for our members and young musicians.

Innovation – We perform a diverse and eclectic repertoire of music that challenges our singers’ abilities. We collaborate with other performance groups to reach a broader audience. We commission new works to expand the choral literature. We release high quality recordings that will develop and enhance our regional and national reputation.

Stewardship – We strive for responsible and sustainable use of the resources invested in our work.

Collaboration/Community Building – We strive to nurture beneficial relationships with the community and increase access to the choral arts to develop and expand appreciation of choral music.

Enjoyment/Enrichment – Our performances enrich the lives of our audiences while providing gratifying experiences for our members.

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